Endeavor Tool Company was founded in 1996 to manufacture and market the innovative Gator-Grip Universal Socket. Gator-Grip had a modestly successful launch in 1998 but the company failed to prosper. British entrepreneur Steve Quick purchased controlling interest in 2000, orchestrated a hugely successful direct response television program, opened distribution into mass market retailers and home improvement centers and went on to sell millions of Gator-Grip sockets have been sold around the world. Today Endeavor continues to develop innovative products that make lives a little easier.

Steve Quick, President & CEO:
Steve began his career as a telecommunications specialist in the British Army. He subsequently left the Army and continued on a wide ranging career path that gave him experience as a mechanic & engineer in Germany, a packaging designer and a sales manager. At Military Car sales Steve worked as both salesman and sales manager. For each of his two years in car sales Steve was the top sales manager. In 1996 Steve became Endeavor's distributor in the United Kingdom. The following year he took over distribution to Europe as well. Steve liked the Gator-Grip so much he bought majority interest in Endeavor in the Spring of 2000. E-mail

Frank Micelli, Executive Vice President of Sales:
Frank began his career on the sales floor at Zayre Department stores. Over a period of 15 years he advanced through operational and administrative positions to become VP of Merchandising for Consumer Electronics and Housewares. He moved to Retail Distributors, Inc., a leading TV products company, where he worked in both purchasing and sales. In the Fall of 2001 Frank joined Endeavor to pursue greater opportunities. E-mail

David Nicholson, General Manager:
David is Endeavor's oldest employee, having joined the company shortly after it was founded in 1997. Prior to signing on with Endeavor, David worked in management positions in sales, marketing and production for Stanley Tools. David received a BS in 1976 and an MBA in 1988 from Babson College. E-mail

Gabriela Secinaro, Accounting & Finance Manager:
A 1995 graduate of Northeastern University with a BS in Accounting and Management, Gaby spent 4 years in public accounting followed by five years as Senior Accountant at Retail Distributors Inc. She joined Endeavor in January of 2002.

Linda Keaney, Accounts Receivable:
Linda our newest employee having joined Endeavor in Nov of 2005. She has worked for several companies in the areas of office administration and accounting.

Mike Marks Co-Founder, Product Development, Internet
As a co-founder of WorkTools, Inc., Endeavor Tool Company, and Invention City, Inc. Mike has managed the design, manufacturing, marketing, patenting and licensing of products such as the Gator-Grip Universal Socket and the Black & Decker PowerShot and Sears EasyFire staple guns. Prior to founding WorkTools in 1986, Mike worked as a commercial photographer and photojournalist in New York. He studied economics at UCLA graduated in 1978. E-mail


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