Turn all valve nuts instantly without digging

Ideal for everyday and emergency use, Gator-Grip enables operators to avoid needless and expensive downline valve shut-offs, road excavation and service interruptions. With conventional gate keys, valve nut replacement is an expensive service operation. Gator-Grip makes valve nut replacement virtually unnecessary and saves hours of time and expense every time it's used. The secure grip prevents operator injuries. 

The Gator-Grip Gatekey turns worn, rusted, damaged and new valve nuts simply, safely and immediately. When Gator-Grip is pushed onto a valve nut, the stainless steel rods automatically adjust to grip and turn valve nuts of every shape and condition.


- 3" ID fits all valves with standard 2X2"
  operating nut.

- 1000 ft lbs torque capability
- All stainless steel
- Made in USA
- Includes 4-7ft adjustable t-bar ($130 value)

Endeavor Products  Company